How to choose the right lighting?

Interior design is planned and distributed based on the purpose of the space.

While working on a space, all kinds of components are attached great importance, be it the arrangement of furniture, decor or lighting.

The designer changes the perception of space with the help of color and lighting. In addition to color, decor and furniture, the character of the interior is greatly influenced by the solution and use of artificial and natural lighting. In order to create a healthy living environment, it is necessary to use natural lighting and ventilation as much as possible.

I would like to share with you some hacks and recommendations that will help you plan lighting correctly.

• Bright, clear lighting is recommended in the kitchen and work room as in addition to the importance of good visibility of the food products, we will improve our concentration capacity.

• Calm and warm lighting in the living room so you can relax and rest.

• While entering an artificially lit space from natural light, it is recommended to use transitional lighting in the entrance space to avoid a sense of discomfort.

• It is desirable that the lighting in the bedroom is not harsh, but rather very soft and calm.

• Since the bathroom represents basically the most isolated apace, and therefore in our reality we have a lack of natural light there, it is necessary to use bright and clear lighting in it.

Please keep these hacks in mind and you will be able to create a comfortable environment by choosing the right kind of lighting.

How to choose the right lighting?
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